How to Talk to Family and Friends About Cannabis Use

A Guide to Telling Your Family About the Benefits of Weed How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed It can be difficult to figure out how to talk to family and friends about cannabis use. Many people have firm opinions about weed, and they usually aren’t shy about sharing them. If you’re an experienced … Continued

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Who and How Do People Create Weird Cannabis Strain Names?

Who and How Do People Create Weird Cannabis Strain Names? Cannabis strains are famous for their odd names. However, as you browse local products, you may wonder who and how people create these names. This article will describe their origins and enumerate some that landed a spot on our weird list. How Do People Name … Continued

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Cannabis 101: Joints vs. Blunts

Las Vegas, Nevada Cannabis 101: Blunts vs. Joints  Breaking Down Joints vs. Blunts vs. Spliffs  There are a lot of ways to smoke weed, from bowls and bongs to joints and blunts. If you are new to the world of smokable cannabis flower, some of these terms can be confusing. Your friendly neighborhood dispensary in … Continued

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The Myth Surrounding Sativa vs Indica

Cannabis Man about Town, Nicest Guy in the Weed Industry and All-Around Enjoyer of Marijuana.

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