Las Vegas, Nevada Cannabis 101: Blunts vs. Joints 

Breaking Down Joints vs. Blunts vs. Spliffs 

There are a lot of ways to smoke weed, from bowls and bongs to joints and blunts. If you are new to the world of smokable cannabis flower, some of these terms can be confusing. Your friendly neighborhood dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada, Exhale Dispensary, is explaining the difference between blunts vs. joints. Here, we’ll talk about some of the pros and cons to help you figure out which way you want to smoke your weed.  

What Is the Difference Between Joints and Blunts? 

First, we need to understand the basic difference between joints and blunts. The main difference is the paper used to wrap the marijuana. Joints use cigarette paper (also called rolling papers). Blunts are most commonly rolled using a tobacco-based wrap. Often, a blunt will be rolled inside and emptied out cigarillo, like a Swisher Sweet, Backwoods, or Dutch Masters. Today, many blunt wraps are sold by themselves, and some of them, like hemp blunt wraps, do not even contain tobacco.  

Blunts vs. Joints: Pros and Cons 

From the outside, smoking blunts vs. joints may not look very different. Most smokers develop a strong preference for one method of smoking. After some experience, you will most likely learn that you prefer one over another. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of blunts and joints. 

Pros and Cons of Joints 

Joints are one of the most iconic ways to smoke weed. Rolling papers have little to no taste, letting you get the full, unadulterated flavor out of that new strain in your stash box. Joints also come in prerolls at dispensaries, like Exhale Dispensary, which makes them easier to obtain. This is especially nice if you aren’t the best roller in the world. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the health effects of any nicotine or tobacco. If you are a recovering cigarette smoker, this is a crucial benefit to joints.  

However, loyal blunt smokers will claim that joints burn weed faster since the paper tends to be thinner and dryer. As a result, many people think that smoking joints results in a harsher hit and a less enjoyable draw of smoke.  

Pros and Cons of Blunts 

Blunt smokers love blunts for a few different reasons. First, the combination of tobacco and marijuana significantly changes the nature of the high. Smokers have claimed for a long time that marijuana is better when combined with tobacco, either in a blunt or a spliff. Another big advantage is that a blunt lasts a lot longer than a joint. If you plan to share with a group of friends, you can run through a joint in a few minutes, but a properly rolled blunt will often outlast the smokers in your group. That is because blunts tend to be longer and burn much more slowly.   

The drawbacks to blunts mostly come down to your relationship with tobacco. Some people don’t like the taste of blunt wraps or need to avoid nicotine products altogether. On top of that, you can’t find prerolled blunts (at least not rolled out of tobacco-based wraps) in dispensaries. So, you will probably have to learn to roll if you want to smoke a blunt, and rolling blunts is a different skill than rolling a joint. 

What About Spliffs? 

Where do spliffs fit into the picture? Joints vs. blunts vs. spliffs might seem to make things a lot more confusing, but it’s pretty simple. A spliff is rolled in the same cigarette rolling paper as a joint, but the ground-up marijuana inside is usually mixed with some tobacco. Be careful. Many people will use the term “spliff” to mean the same thing as a joint. However, the classical meaning of “spliff” is a joint with tobacco mixed with weed. This enhances the high, adds some more flavor, and slows down how fast you burn through your stash.

Are Prerolls Joints or Blunts at Exhale Dispensary? 

Prerolls are almost always joints. The state of Nevada requires separate licenses to sell tobacco products and cannabis products. As a result, dispensaries cannot sell prerolled blunts since they contain tobacco. That means most prerolls you buy from a dispensary will be joints. You should still read your product description carefully before making a purchase, though. Some prerolls will come in hemp blunt wraps, which contain no tobacco. Hemp blunt prerolls attempt to mimic the appearance of a blunt, but they are not what you might expect from a standard joint or blunt. You can find a large selection of prerolls on the Exhale Dispensary online store.


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