A Guide to Telling Your Family About the Benefits of Weed

How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed

It can be difficult to figure out how to talk to family and friends about cannabis use. Many people have firm opinions about weed, and they usually aren’t shy about sharing them. If you’re an experienced cannabis smoker, eater, or vaper, you know that the Reefer Madness scare tactics aren’t true. Still, how are you supposed to explain that to the people in your life? Here is Exhale Dispensary’s guide to explaining the benefits of weed to family and friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn some of the best tips and strategies for talking about the benefits of marijuana with people who may have preconceived notions.  

Pick the Right Time and Place

One of the most important parts of having The Weed Talk is picking the right time and place. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to break out the latest research at Thanksgiving dinner or your mom’s birthday party. For the most part, it’s best to pick a place where there are not many other people around and a time when you can have a long and thorough conversation. If you have a controlled environment like that, you are more likely to have a receptive audience and an emotionally honest conversation.

Think About Your Audience

When deciding how to talk to your parents about weed, keep in mind that you cannot change who they are. If you have a parent who has never tried marijuana, you need to approach them differently than someone who tried it when they were younger. Before starting the conversation, consider how open they are to the benefits of weed, and tailor your conversation to suit them. If your family has long-held negative opinions about weed, you may need to accept that you won’t completely change their minds. Still, you can express your point of view and help move them toward eventually seeing the benefits of marijuana.

Speak From Your Personal Experience

Remember, you don’t have to talk to friends and family about cannabis use. So, if you make the decision to have The Weed Talk, be open about it. The people you are talking to care about you. Their concerns come from a place of love, even if their worries are misguided. The most persuasive thing for most friends and family will be an honest explanation of your experience. Often, it’s a good idea to stick to “Me/I” statements and avoid “You” statements. Instead of saying, “You haven’t tried marijuana enough to know the benefits,” try saying, “I have tried marijuana enough to experience the benefits firsthand.” When you speak from your experience, you build a solid and honest foundation for further conversation.

Don’t Forget to Put on Your Listening Ears

While much of the conversation will focus on your experiences, don’t shut out your friends and family. You need to listen carefully to their concerns and respond honestly to them. You might be tempted to brush away some of the older notions about weed, but don’t dismiss them in a disrespectful way. If they can tell that you are listening and open to their comments, they are much more likely to be open-minded about what you have to say.

Know the Benefits, but Don’t Oversell Them

As the science surrounding the benefits of weed accumulates, it becomes tempting to use it to persuade friends and family. You should certainly understand the research surrounding the benefits of marijuana and come prepared to explain it. However, don’t oversell it. You need to admit that the science surrounding medical cannabis has limitations because it is still in its infancy. If you are open to changing your mind, they might be too.

Show Them Around a Modern Dispensary in Las Vegas, NV

A lot of times, talking will only get you so far. Many of our parents think of cannabis and picture a dingy basement or an old, shady headshop. It might be a good idea to take a field trip to a modern dispensary like Exhale Dispensary. When you show them the bright, friendly, and knowledgeable people who work with weed, that can go a long way toward changing their minds. On top of that, Exhale Dispensary welcomes browsing, whether you have already ordered from our online store or not. Show your family what a modern dispensary is really like!


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