Staying Mellow-Vated with Mellow Vibes Cannabis Edibles!

By Joseph Lanzarin

DJ & Cannabis Cannasuer

How did I get here!?”

I think back fondly to years gone by…when the days were sunny and long…and I was spinning music for friends and strangers alike.

I also recall that many of my most creative moments during these times were manifested when I was HIGH. Marijuana, music and beautiful scenery created a vibe that I will always remember. A friend of mine in college owned a VW bus and I recall so many amazing memories of us at the beach jammin’ to my DJ sets while we felt the gentle sprinkles of ocean waves. Those beats, those lyrics, those vibrations…still take me to a place of pure bliss.

Now that I have set the tone, let me open pandora’s box and answer the question: why am I sharing all of this? Simple – my evolving love of cannabis edibles!

I remember one time we were at the beach, I decided to buy a marijuana edible from a random hippie. It was a brownie with a flavor that was so pungent like weed…and obviously had no labels or information on how much the THC dose was. Within an hour of being floored and feeling helpless, I could not move my body. I was scared and felt like I was going to need medical attention. This lasted for several hours until the high wore down and pretty much traumatized me towards cannabis edibles for a very long time. From that point I only smoked marijuana and never wanted to eat an edible again.

Practically everyone who consumed an edible prior to legalization has a story. Most of these stories are not positive and many of them have impacted people so badly that they have refused to eat a cannabis edible ever again.

Fast forward eight years and in the age of regulation and compliance within the legal cannabis industry, I learned that the industry had evolved…especially within the cannabis edible category. Manufacturers of edibles were required to lab test their products and dosing must be accurate for the product to pass and be eligible for adult consumer purchase.

I became hopeful at the thought of enjoying a positive experience with edibles and anxious to prove that point. So I went to my local dispensary to check out the products. While browsing the various options and flavors in the edible category, I was drawn to Mellow Vibes. Their packaging evoked these memories I have of laying on the beach, feeling that warm summer breeze as the sun goes down and seeing the vibrant colors of the sunset in the sky. Reggae tunes popped in my head, and I thought of that classic VW Bus along with all the great vibes of feeling forever young.

I ended up purchasing the Tropical Fusion and Maui Wowie Sativa flavored gummies and was pleasantly surprised to see how each gummy was individually wrapped and sealed within the bag (man, times had really changed!). The 10-point star shape was perfect to use as a guide for micro-dosing, the product was all natural, vegan, gluten free and had live resin terpenes. All testing information was on a sticker on the back of the package, and it made me feel safe (and excited) to transcend to that time in my life with surfboards, sand, and chill vibes.

I ate half the gummy and waited an hour to see how I felt before I ate the other half. The high ended up being great! I was laughing my ass off, enjoying munchies and feeling so mellow! This experience really gave me the confidence that legally bought edibles are safe and consistent and those days of being floored by a brownie I bought in the park are over.

If you think about it, edibles are the most consistent high you will get from any legal cannabis product sold at a dispensary. When you purchase flower or concentrate, it is always testing at a different potency and the terpenes and THC will always vary; therefore, your high will always be different. I don’t know about you, but I like to go into something knowing how I will feel. It is that predictability that means everything to me and ultimately had me gravitate towards Mellow Vibes edibles when I wanted to get high.

Much like anything that is regularly consumed, eventually one tends to build up a tolerance over time. With that said, I am now able to consume two gummies and get that same great experience I had when I first tried one. I love edibles because of how discreet and easy they make the “getting high” process. I try to advocate to as many people as I encounter who have been traumatized by their initial edible experience that they must give it another chance, just like I did.

About 6 years ago, I had an encounter with a woman in a dispensary. She told me that she was given 3 months to live by her doctor, due to a terminal illness… she felt she had nothing to lose so she tried cannabis. She went on to explain that it has been 6 months since her doctor told her this and she feels much better and hopeful – she credited that to cannabis. It was that moment when I realized how powerful the plant is as well as how vital accessibility to it is. That conversation was the catalyst to entering the professional cannabis industry and gave me a purpose and an opportunity to create a legacy with the impact of my work. In the last 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working on an international level to destigmatize cannabis and advocate for quality, consistency, and predictability with the cannabis products I have represented.

The selection of edibles today provides both medical and recreational benefits that have expanded immensely and likely can be overwhelming/confusing for any “curious rookie” entering the category of cannabis edibles. Due to restrictions on any health claims, cannabis brands rely on a variety of levers to indicate what you should expect to experience. For example, some brands market their products as effects, such as dream, arouse, alert, create etc. while other brands utilize various cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, CBG etc. that have been proven to help with things like relaxation, inflammation, headaches and more.

Currently, I am proud to be the CEO of Mellow Vibes, a multi-state manufacturer of best-in-class edibles. The Mellow Vibes product lineup consists of Jellies, Elixirs, Popcorn, Crispy Treats, Chocolates and Hard Candies. What I am most grateful about this affiliation with Mellow Vibes is the people and culture behind it. We are all dedicated to the mission of igniting opportunity by spreading the power of the VIBE.

Well, there ya have it…my journey of sights, sounds, senses…and cannabis!

Stay Happy & Healthy!


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