A Terpene for Every Mood

Walking into a dispensary for the first time can be an intimidating experience if you are a new consumer. But it doesn’t have to be!

Before you stop into Exhale Dispensary, just be ready to answer one simple question: How do you want to feel?

Once you answer that, our knowledgeable Budtenders will recommend products that fit your lifestyle and desired effect!

But before we get into the details, you’ll first want to learn the differences between indica, sativa and hybrid strains.

Indica strains produce an all-over relaxing sensation, great for night time consumption, pain relief and can be used as a sleep aid. Sativa strains are energizing and help to unlock the creative side of your brain. Hybrid strains are just as they sound, a combination of indica and sativa flower. But don’t be fooled, hybrid strains are not a perfect “middle ground” like many would assume. A hybrid can have more indica or sativa-dominant traits depending on the terpene profile.

So what are terpenes? They are the properties that make up the unique aromas, tastes and effects of your favorite strains. Certain terpenes can produce an energetic, euphoric feeling, or help with pain relief and inflammation. Different combinations of terpenes create a truly unique experience for nearly every consumer.

Now let’s see how we can put these terpenes to use.

What are the best terpenes for relaxation?

Cannabis is known first and foremost as a sedative to ease your mind and body after a long day, or to treat a medical condition. Cannabis can produce unique relaxing effects if produced in different combinations thanks to terpenes!

Myrcene – With aromas of hops, lemongrass, bay leaves and eucalyptus, Myrcene has powerful pain relieving properties that studies show help you to relax.

Linalool – Found naturally in citrus, mint and lavender, Linalool has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in pain relief, and also has a sedative effect that can be used as a sleep aid.

Caryophyllene – With powerful natural scents like black pepper, cloves and rosemary. Caryophyllene has been studied for its benefits as an anxiolytic and has helped patients with insomnia.

Terpinolene – With hints of lilac, nutmeg, cumin and apples, Terpinolene can be a potent suppressor of the central nervous system and has a sedating effect to help you relax.

What terpenes boost productivity?

New consumers might be surprised to learn there are many sativa cannabis strains that can have energizing effects to help you get the boost you need to stay productive. Here are some of the terpenes you should look for if you are looking for a mood elevator.

Pinene – Carrying a strong scent of pine needles and rosemary, Pinene is a heavily researched terpene that has been found to improve learning and memory, alertness and mental focus. Pinene is also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits.

Limonene – Occurring naturally in citrus fruit peels such as lemons and limes, Limonene can increase energy and elevate your mood by releasing serotonin and dopamine.

Caryophyllene – One of the more popular terpenes with natural aromas of black pepper, cloves and rosemary, Caryophyllene has been found to help boost oxygen to the brain to increase cognitive function.

What terpenes help reduce stress and anxiety?

Cannabis offers many soothing characteristics that can help consumers relax, and reduce their anxiety if dosed properly. A number of cannabis terpenes can produce a feeling of well-being and help consumers cope with anxiety and depression. Please consult your doctor on the benefits and potential risks before consuming cannabis products as treatment for medical conditions.

Linalool – There’s a reason why Lavender Essential Oil is known as a natural remedy to help people relax – because it is rich in the terpene Linalool! The cannabis terpene Linalool has been studied for its soothing characteristics to help support the mind and body.

Pinene – When used in combination with Linalool, Pinene has been found to have antidepressant properties to help with cognitive function and reduce anxiety.

Limonene – Limonene may help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve restlessness or paranoia and fight against depression. This super terpene produces a general feeling of well being and is known for its euphoric and mood-elevating properties.

What terpenes help to alleviate pain?

If you are turning to cannabis to help alleviate pain from a chronic condition, or just went a little too hard at the gym, there are plenty of studies that have proven how effective certain terpenes are at pain management. Please consult your doctor on the benefits and potential risks before consuming cannabis products as treatment for medical conditions.

Myrcene – In addition to it’s relaxing properties, Myrcene can also help in pain relief.

Linalool – With anti-inflammatory properties, Linalool is a common terpene for patients seeking pain relief.

Limonene – Limonene is a great terpene for most ailments, helping to dull pain, fight stress and anxiety and studies have also found the terpene can help curb nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women.

Caryophyllene – This restful and calming terpene also has anti-inflammatory properties by interacting with CB2 receptors to reduce inflammation to lessen pain.


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